This morning, we walked down to the harbour to visit the Maritime Museum, but before we got there, we found that our ship had come in – the Celebrity Edge, that is. We’ll be boarding it in an hour or so and then sailing away; I’m posting from the hotel to be sure I have good connectivity. I hope that our cabin is better than this 19th Century immigrants’ steerage cabin that we saw at the museum!

There was a lot to see in the Museum, from parts of old Maori vessels to a plastic replica of the America’s Cup (part of a three-story exhibit about yachting in New Zealand with special emphasis on the America’s Cup – one of the cup winners was there, but I couldn’t get a reasonable photo of it).

After lunch, we set out to replace a pair of pants which had a ripped seam at the pocket. I was shocked by two things at the first store I visited:

  • The pants were all in American (inch) sizes
  • None of them were hemmed; they’d all need alteration

I went on to a slightly more upscale store, Smith and Caughey’s, where the pants were sized in metric, were twice as expensive, and still needed alterations. I didn’t find anything I liked, but the salesman was kind enough to refer me to Looksmart Alterations a few blocks away; they were able to fix the ripped pants in just a few minutes for about US$20!

Time to head to the ship; see you as connectivity permits!

One thought on “Pants!

  1. Enjoy the cruise! New Zealand is very interesting with magnificent views.
    You should enjoy the ship as well. We just got off of the Celebrity Reflection and had a beautiful suite. They really do a great job of treating suite guests special.
    Bon Voyage.

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