A trio of sounds

Today was our last day in New Zealand, and we spent it afloat in Fjordland National Park, where we were treated to the most beautiful scenery we’ve seen on this trip (and that’s saying a lot!).

We began soon after breakfast with a traversal of Dusky Sound, which isn’t a sound at all, but rather a fjord (like the other two sounds we sailed through today). The weather started off cold and grey, but by the time we left the sound, it was noticeably warmer and sunnier.

Seals enjoying the fog
In Dusky Sound
Dusky Sound Waterfall
Dusky Sound Vista
So much water
Crawfish Traps
Leaving Dusky Sound

Our trip through Doubtful Sound (so named by Captain Cook in 1770 because he was doubtful whether it was navigable under sail) overlapped with lunch; we decided we could eat later and spent the trip on deck enjoying the view.

Doubtful Sound Selfie
Sea Foam
More water patterns
Doubtful Sound Selfie
Another waterfall
Secretary Island Waterfall

Milford Sound was the pièce de résistance – our onboard naturalist said so, and she was right. It didn’t hurt to go through there in the late afternoon so the sun was relatively low, either!

Milford Sound
Even the bugs in Milford Sound are amazing!
Fellow Travelers
Sterling Falls
Glacier Remnant
Bowen Falls Rainbow
One of many airplanes over Milford Sound

We’d completely traversed Dusky and Doubtful Sounds, but we could only follow Milford Sound as far as the tiny town of the same name; then we had to be piloted back to the entrance for our departure from New Zealand.

Bowen Falls and Pilot Boat
Sterling Falls Rainbow

As we neared the entrance to the sound, our pilot left the ship and boarded his pilot boat.

Pilot Out

We left the sound and entered the Tasman Sea for our two-day voyage to Sydney. We could still see the New Zealand coast for a short time.

Goodbye, New Zealand

By the time we finished dinner, there was nothing to see near the ship but water. I’ll spare you that photo. :-)