It could have been worse

Diane and I went to the Legion of Honor today to see their current exhibition, Japanese Prints in Transition.

There was a pickup truck overloaded with stuff ahead of me on the Highway 17 on-ramp. I stayed far behind it on the ramp, and wasn’t surprised when pieces of cardboard and other junk started blowing off it when it accelerated at the end of the ramp. I was able to stop without anything hitting me (including the cars behind me!); the truck pulled off to the side, and I drove on; all was well. Or so I thought.

We’d been to the Hagi Uragami Museum last month in Japan; it has a room devoted to ukiyo-e (floating world woodblock) prints, but it was closed on the day we visited. We made up for it today at the Legion; there were six rooms of woodblock prints. There was even one room of woodblock erotica!

We wanted to get out of the city before rush hour, so we skipped the rest of the museum and headed to the car to drive home.

We didn’t get very far, though, before the dashboard went “beep” and said that my front left tire was dangerously low – 19psi. I guess I hadn’t completely avoided the debris from the truck after all!

I found a nearby gas station with, wonder of wonders, a free air pump, and filled the tire. But I could only get it up to 30psi and it started to go down again, so we got off the highway and went to Wheel Works in Daly City. They were too busy to fix or replace the tire, but they did pump it up to 45psi so I could get back to Los Gatos even with the leak. By the time I got to Wheel Works in Los Gatos, the pressure was down to about 35psi. They said they’d be able to take care of the tire in the morning, so I left the car with them and we walked the mile-and-a-half home.

I guess I should have given that truck even more room!

One thought on “It could have been worse

  1. You are very fortunate. My car was hit by a piece of tire flying off a
    truck while driving to Florida. We were fine and I was able to drive the car for a day until we got to Miami and took it into a dealership to replace the grill. They gave us a great convertible sports car for a couple of weeks until my car was fixed. Unfortunately we couldn’t put the top down or we couldn’t get our golf clubs into the car.

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