David's Trip to Australia

 Getting There is Much Less than Half the Fun  Saturday/Monday, April 11/13 Airplanes and Airports
 Brisbane, as seen through a haze of jetlag  Monday, April 13 Brisbane
 The Conference Begins  Tuesday, April 14 Brisbane
 An Opening Ceremony  Wednesday, April 15 Brisbane
 A Brief Escape  Thursday, April 16 Brisbane
 The Conference Ends  Friday, April 17 Brisbane
 Koalas and Kangaroos and Wallabies, Oh My!  Saturday, April 18 Brisbane
 To Melbourne  Sunday, April 19 Brisbane/Melbourne
 A Day of Meetings  Monday, April 20 Melbourne
 DOM, Day 2  Tuesday, April 21 Melbourne/Sydney
 A Rainy Day in Old Sydney  Wednesday, April 22 Sydney
 Another Rainy Day in Old Sydney  Thursday, April 23 Sydney
 It can't be Sydney -- it's not raining!  Friday, April 24 Sydney
 The Longest Day  Saturday, April 25 Sydney/Los Gatos

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