Index page for trips we have taken

This page has links to the summary page for some of the trips we’ve taken.


  • Big Island (February): The Big Island of Hawaii
  • Australia (April): Total Solar Eclipse
  • France (May): Lyon, Rhône River Cruise, and Paris
  • Berkshires (June): Mansions, museums, flowers, Tanglewood, Shakers, and an interesting EV experience
  • Ashland, Oregon (June): Oregon Shakespeare Festival with Road Scholar
  • Ohio River Cruise (July): A visit to Galva followed by an Ohio River cruise from St. Louis to Pittsburgh
  • Capitola: Mostly Santa Cruz Shakespeare, with volksmarches and an arboretum on the side
  • Europe (September-October): Cruises on the Rhine and Moselle, Frankfurt, Basel, and more
  • Inland Empire (November): Travels with Jeff in our new EV-6
  • Kauai (December): Our third visit to the Garden Island
  • Scottsdale (December): Desperately seeking status