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A Date Certain

I just got a call from one of the dealers I’ve been working with to replace the old Prius; he says he has two blue BC Priuses on the next boat, arriving at the port at the end of this month, expected in his hands by July 2. Now he only has one unallocated car (and my poor credit card has yet another $500 deposit on it).

Diane would actually prefer the AM package, which is slightly less loaded (no navigation, no CD changer), but time is of the essence. Similarly, if another dealer can provide us with a car sooner, we’ll go there (all of the dealers I’m working with know that).

But at least we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Pages I find through SiteMeter

I use SiteMeter to track traffic to this site (I guess I could use the logs that my ISP provides, but I started using SiteMeter years ago for Defenestration Corner, where logs weren’t available, and I like the reports they provide).

Every so often, I look at the referers they report, and if something looks interesting (usually a search engine referral), I’ll click on it. Today, I found that my blog had been reached by a Google query for “kedit macros 2005”; I was curious enough to look at that page of Google results to see what else showed up. There wasn’t much, but because it was the second page of results, I decided to look at the first page.

And there was an entry with a very intriguing title: Eastern Orthodox Editors (XEDIT/KEDIT/THE, etc). It is one page on an interesting site ( prepared by Dr. Nikolai Bezroukov as a service to the UN Sustainable Development Networking Programme.

Dr. Bezroukov has some definite views on editors (ones which aren’t far from mine). I am going to have to take a closer look at vim the next time I fire up my Linux box — I’ve been using it strictly at the same level of knowledge that I had for vi back in 1992 or so, and it appears that it’s far more capable than I’d given it credit for.

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Scoble writes about Yubnub, a “social command line for the Web”.

I’m not sure if it’s brilliant or silly, but it’s fun to play with.

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The old Prius is really history now

We’ve gotten our checks from State Farm and from Toyota (refunding the balance of our extended warranty), so I guess the story of the old Prius is officially over at this point.

We’re on the waitlist for a new Prius at six dealers so far (only one of which has actually charged our credit card for the deposit). The next batch of cars is due in this weekend — I’m hoping that one of the dealers will get the color/equipment combination we want, because I’m tired of driving rentals, not to mention paying for them!

The current rental, by the way, is a Chevy Classic — it is completely innocuous and personality-free. This puts it enormously far ahead of the Chevy Cavalier that I rented for the first part of this process, but I wouldn’t want to own one anyway. Sorry, Rick.

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Wine of the day: Nobilo 2003 Sauvignon Blanc. This is one of our favorites; it has a nice balance of herbal and fruit flavors, and goes well with chicken and fish.

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My latest copy of BusinessWeek arrived smelling like cologne; it turns out that they’ve started running scented ads. I called their customer service number, and almost before I finished complaining, the rep told me that they’d code my record for “no scented ads” and extend my subscription. I suspect I wasn’t the first one to complain.

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Help Cam earn his Ph. D.

Courtesy of Jason: If you’ve got ten to fifteen minutes to spare [and you have your own blog…DSS], wouldya be so kind as to help Cam Marlow get his Ph.D.?

The survey was painless.

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Things I never thought would happen again

I know it must be company policy, but I’m still willing to consider it a compliment that both Diane and I just got carded at Wolfgang Puck’s at ORD.

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We made it

The flight from O’Hare to Albany was a bit bumpy at times, but uneventful. The flight attendant had a great personality — her commentary would have been right at home on Southwest or PSA (even the pilot had a sense of humor!).

Unlike last time, we avoided Buca di Beppo.

The Desmond seems to be a nice hotel; we have a four-poster bed (no canopy, though), to which we will repair soon.

Four-poster bed at the Desmond

Tomorrow starts far too early.

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Connecting with the past

Irving Wladawsky-Burger writes about his experience with the Genographic Project. Since he was an early participant, he’s already gotten his results (both Diane and I are still at stage 1, “sample received”), and though there weren’t any surprises, it helped him reconnect with his recent ancestors (and with the villages they came from, and what happened to them in the Holocaust).

I’m looking forward to getting our results.

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