Back home!

I did make an unpleasant discovery on the plane — the DVD player I have on my laptop wouldn’t play a Macrovision-protected disc unless I turned off the “TV out” on the graphics adapter, but I could not figure out how to do that, so I couldn’t watch the other movie I’d brought along (The Graduate). I hate copy-protection.

I got home a few minutes before Diane did; it was great to see her and Jeffrey live instead of in photos again! But I fell asleep rather early (before 9pm, not counting the times I dozed off sitting in a chair before that).

I worked from home today; tomorrow, I go to the office to see what disasters arrived in paper mail, and then it’s a three-day weekend. Jeffrey goes on a field trip to the Gold Country tomorrow, so we have to get up early (he has to be at school before 6am). Oh, well, maybe I can get a head start on things.

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