I guess I can't read well, either

I finished Harry Potter IV this morning, while I should have been getting ready for work. It was a struggle to put it down unfinished last night, but I managed (with help).

In case there’s anyone who’s curious about how the book ends but doesn’t actually plan to read the book, I tell How Harry Potter IV Ends in the next message.

Getting Energized

I spent most of the day talking with the Extreme Blue/West students. I gave a short talk on the value of standards — they kept me honest by asking lots of hard questions. Then I got to meet three of the six teams and learn about their projects; what they’re doing is certainly more interesting and undoubtedly more significant than my summer jobs during college.

Though I guess I was pretty lucky, myself; I worked for The Computer Company (R. I. P.) in their APL timesharing group, doing things to make their offering more competitive. One year, I helped them convert from DOS to OS/360 (writing programs in SNOBOL to help manage the process); another year, I added ASCII terminal support to the system; I also remember writing a text editor in APL which got offered to the customers.

At any rate, I wasn’t able to spend the whole day with them because they had a previous engagement to go see X-Men, and I wasn’t able to come along because I had to go back to the optician and try on new frames. My bifocals should be here in about a week.

Tonight, we go hear about Jewish Bedtime Rituals and Lullabies during services at Shir Hadash. I hope I can stay awake to drive home afterwards.

Shabbat Shalom!