Treadmills are not real running

Work was fun, and I am continuing to make progress on unleasing BlueLogs to an unaware populace; today, I appear to have uncovered a Manila problem in handling the uninstallation of a site which shares a membership group with the main CreateAWeb site. I’ve reported it and talked with Brent about it, and he’s pretty sure it’s a straightforward fix; in the meantime, I won’t uninstall any sites on the machine.

I started Cryptonomicon last night; it’s going to keep me busy for a few days. Diane and Jeffrey are reading Harry Potter IV out loud; that’s going to keep them busy for a few days.

And we’ve come to an agreement with one of the drywall contractors (the other one never called or wrote with an estimate, even though he did come out to look at the job), and the work starts Tuesday at 8am. We’re going to have to move a lot of junk…err, stuff…out of the way this weekend.

One small step

I remember where I was 31 years ago today — glued to the TV, watching live coverage of the first Moon landing. I don’t think the anniversary was even mentioned in today’s Murky Nooz.