Greetings from Humidity Central North

This is going to be a short entry, since it’s late and I’m still on vacation and feel almost guilty using my laptop at all. But I did want to flip the page and get the new month started before it got much older.

I’m now visiting my father-in-law just outside of New York City; take any of the comments I made about humidity in Richmond and double them. When we arrived yesterday and got out of the car, I thought I was going to collapse into a puddle of sweat within the first few seconds…but then I started to realize how hot and sticky it really was.

We spent a few days in and around Washington, DC, on the way up; we visited many interesting sites (I got pictures of some of them, but won’t upload them until I have a faster connection). Virginia has a gimmick for students this summer called Time Travelers, so Jeffrey wanted to visit at least six of the designated sites so he’d qualify for a certificate. Unfortunately, we didn’t know about Time Travelers until after we’d left Richmond, so we didn’t get credit for the Virginia Aviation Museum. And, of course, nothing in Washington, DC counts. But we did make it to six official sites, despite the horrible weather on Sunday, so he should be receiving his certificate in due course.

Finally (for now), I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one of the places we visited on Monday, en route from Alexandria to New York. It is at 39 degrees, 6.915 minutes North Latitude, 76 degrees, 46.523 minutes West Longitude. The location should be sufficient for the cognoscenti, but further details will follow.

I’m beat — vacation is exhausting!