Look out! He's got a knife!

Hmmm…I think this is getting complicated. Let’s start at the beginning.

Jeffrey participated in the Summer Reading program at the Los Gatos Library; among his prizes was a discount coupon for Great America. He loves Great America, especially the rollercoasters; I don’t mind it too much, at least not in small doses, but Diane is most definitely not a rollercoaster person, having a rather sentimental attachment to her retinas. So this morning, he and I set forth for Great America for a few hours, and we had a good time (we rode the Demon twice; he wanted to ride it again just before we left, but I had had enough, and the hour’s wait for the Grizzly didn’t help, either).

Because we left fairly early, we had lunch at the park. Unfortunately, we chose pizza. It reminded me a lot of the pizza we’d had at Julian’s Restaurant in Richmond, loaded with a thick layer of bad cheese on top. But, to give Great America its due, at least this pizza was hot and the cheese had been melted.

So when we got home, I wanted something tasty, and suggested Baja Fresh, in the Superfund shopping center [it’s actually called the Bernal Center, but it is built on the old Fairchild plant and Superfund site — somehow, it seems a bit odd to have a shopping center full of restaurants and a supermarket on an old Superfund site, but I digress]. And it was tasty, but Diane’s was a bit spicier than she expected, and so she suggested we go to downtown Los Gatos and have sorbetto at Dolce Spazio.

That seemed like a good idea, so we did (in the interest of accuracy, I should note that Jeffrey had chocolate gelato, not sorbetto). And then we thought we’d go walk it off a bit — downtown Los Gatos has been one of our favorite places to stroll since the first time we were there, more than 15 years ago. As we were strolling, Diane noted that there were very few shops other than restaurants open (this was just before 7 on Saturday night); then we passed one of the few open shops, Domus, a kitchen and housewares store that we always enjoy browsing through. And then I remembered reading what Al had said about the Global chef’s knife on Tuesday (as well as what Anthony Bourdain wrote), and so I suggested we go in and see if they had the knife, which they did, and so we bought it.

And how did you spend your Saturday?