Today was better. *whew*

Yesterday’s evil spell continued until well past midnight; none of us could sleep at all well (Jeffrey knocked on our door at 1am to tell us he couldn’t sleep — we got him back to bed and then I think he did drift off), probably because of the unexpected humidity. If I’d been mentally awake as well as physically so, I would have turned on the air conditioner, but I didn’t think of it.

But the humidity has broken, at least for now, so I’m hopeful.

Despite the lack of sleep, today was a better and more productive day for me. I remembered to bring my briefcase and laptop in to work, and I installed every networking device I could find (a token ring card, two Ethernets, two modems, and a wireless LAN) to make sure they all worked, and they did. So then I spent the rest of the morning putting on yet more of the pile of software to be installed on the new machine.

There must be an easier way.