Six in a row and a weekend to boot

I don’t know what it’s been about this past week, but it’s been one damn thing after another, and so I’m glad it’s over.

We said good-bye to a co-op at work today, so I had lunch at Good Luck instead of trying the cafeteria — yesterday, even though I went into the servery three times, I couldn’t find anything I wanted to eat and wound up driving down the hill to Baja Fresh. So I was happy not to even have to consider the cafeteria today.

It was the Family Service at Shir Hadash tonight, so we helped with the Oneg (Diane is officially on the committee; Jeffrey and I help a bit, too). There was also the New Member picnic beforehand, but we decided to skip it and have dinner at home so we wouldn’t have to rush to set up. That, and we wouldn’t be competing with a large batch of yellowjackets for the food.

Tomorrow, we go to San Jose Rep to see Side Man, and Jeffrey goes to the Creative Playshop program that they host. I’m looking forward to the play, even if it does contain “Adult Language”.

The laptop continues to accrete software; I even got the X-10 Home Control software to work on it, though it requires a trick: the 32-bit communication module doesn’t work on Windows 2000, but the 16-bit one does, so you have to rename things to fool the system.

And I got a sign that next week may be looking up — my upgrade came through on Monday’s flight to Boston. Perhaps there’s hope!

Shabbat Shalom!