Lament of the deconditioned

Yesterday, I realized I needed to exercise more (birthdays will do that to you), and since I was home and the weather was pleasant, I thought I’d go jogging outside. I’ve been fairly faithful about going to the Y several times a week and using the treadmill or other CV equipment there, but going out into the Real World is more pleasant.

It’s also very different. Even though a treadmill does provide a workout, it’s a very different feeling than really running. And I quickly discovered that I’d been taking it too easy at the Y — I used my usual 3.5 mile course but couldn’t avoid having to slow to a walk from time to time; when I was jogging on a regular basis, I didn’t feel the need to slow down nearly as much.

If I can get through the initial phase of discouragement, I’m sure I’ll get back into the groove — so today’s posting is a reminder to myself where it’s hard to misplace.