Star Trek comic books

That was Jeffrey’s birthday present to me. Somehow, I suspect there was a bit of self-interest involved!

Olympic Moments

Diane Reese reminds me of Brandi Chastain’s exposure at last year’s World Cup finals and the resulting controversy. To which I respond, yes, but there was a sponsor’s logo involved there, so of course it was OK to show on TV. :-)

Wine of the Day

From Webvan, Justin Monmousseau 1998 Vouvray demi-sec Blanc de Blancs ($9.22). The wine had a very sweet bouquet, but tasted far less sweet, to our pleasure. It went well with salmon; I’d happily order it again. I just wish we could find a bigger selection of wines in half-bottles, because even with a Vac-u-Vin, the wine is never as good on the next day.