Star Trek comic books

That was Jeffrey’s birthday present to me. Somehow, I suspect there was a bit of self-interest involved!

Olympic Moments

Diane Reese reminds me of Brandi Chastain’s exposure at last year’s World Cup finals and the resulting controversy. To which I respond, yes, but there was a sponsor’s logo involved there, so of course it was OK to show on TV. :-)

Wine of the Day

From Webvan, Justin Monmousseau 1998 Vouvray demi-sec Blanc de Blancs ($9.22). The wine had a very sweet bouquet, but tasted far less sweet, to our pleasure. It went well with salmon; I’d happily order it again. I just wish we could find a bigger selection of wines in half-bottles, because even with a Vac-u-Vin, the wine is never as good on the next day.

Maybe I should have bought the insurance

Another day of mostly mundane activities, with little of terrific interest to write about (or rant about). But I won’t let that stop me from flipping my page.

A few weeks ago, my cellphone fell out of my pocket onto a hard floor, antenna-first, and the case cracked a bit around the antenna. Since then, I guess it’s been shedding plastic Cellphone in the process of deterioration: So I stopped by the Sprint store to ask what their replacement policy was, and found out that it was very simple and straightforward: I could have any phone in the store and I’d only have to pay the full retail price. If I’d bought the insurance (at $4/month), they’d’ve been willing to replace my phone with the same model for a mere $35 deductable.

I’m going to try to continue using my phone until the antenna falls off. And I think I’ll make sure that my next phone has a replaceable antenna.

Adventures in Print Serving

On the same trip, I stopped at Central Computers to pick up a print server. They had the Netgear PS110 two-port server for $113, and an unknown brand’s one-port server for $99. I’m not sure if I’ll ever need a second port, but I decided to spring for the name brand.

Setting up the server took about five minutes; setting up the software each machine took about as long. And then I was on the air. Not very difficult; not very adventurous; this stuff sometimes actually works!

Behind the Curtain

I didn’t join in the Behind the Curtain project because I didn’t think I’d have any interesting pictures to share — that, and because I’m way behind in editing the pictures I’ve taken in the last few months. But now that I’ve looked at a few of the contributions, I wish I had joined in; I appreciate the glimpses of life from those of you who did share your days.

It must be nice to be an optimist

Al points out an interesting story on women’s water polo at the Olympics. But I’m afraid NBC would never show those Olympic Moments!

Where do they find these movies?

Home improvement continues apace; today’s episode had us searching for (and ordering) ceiling fans for our bedrooms and the living room. If we’re really lucky, the electricians will call back on Monday so we can get on their calendar.

Back to the movie….

A miscellaneous day

This is going to be another short entry, matching my attention span today. I have done many things, none of them particularly blogworthy.

On the other hand, I did discover (courtesy of a fellow IBMer who happens to be an IBM Fellow) a new version of TweakUI on the Microsoft site; this one runs on everything from Win95 on up and exposes many useful options. My favorite (available only on NT and 2000) is filename completion, almost like the KornShell on Unix.

And I got pcAnywhere installed on my internal Manila server, which should save me many trips downstairs in the future.

Other than that, it’s been a quiet day. And I’m almost ready to call it a day.

Shabbat Shalom!

Home again

The title pretty much sums up the day; I woke up, had breakfast, got in a taxi, went to the airport, got on the plane, got in another taxi, and now I’m home. En route, I read two newspapers and watched two episodes of Star Trek.

Hope your day went as well!