Skullduggery afoot?

I just got a note from my Mom telling me that when she clicked on the Gore-Lieberman banner on my navigator, instead of going to the right page, she got an error screen. I tried it, too, and sure enough, here’s what I got:

Where's Al?: What I get when I visit http://www.gore2000.organd I get the same screen if I manually go to On the other hand, still works, and so I’ve changed the navigator to point there.

[Update: It’s fixed as of 2136 UTC, but I’ll leave the navigator pointing at the shorter address anyway. I also notice that and work; I wonder how many different domains point to the site?]

This entry will become entirely historical in one week; I can’t wait for this campaign to end. The national stuff is bad enough, but the lies being tossed around on the state propositions are truly stomach-curdling.