Turkeys on Parade!

The day didn’t get off to the best of starts: the radio didn’t go off — and I had two different X-10 boxes programmed to fire it off. But we woke up only 20 minutes or so late, which isn’t too bad (actually, it felt good to wake up naturally instead of to the radio).

And Jeffrey got off to school on time — in his pajamas, true, but it was pajama day, so that was fine. And we found out that the cleaning service would be at our house on Saturday morning instead of today, but that’s ok, it gives us more time to straighten up for them. I even got a bunch of e-mail tended to before leaving this morning. And remembered to buy gas on the way to work.

Got to work, opened up the trunk to take out my briefcase…and it wasn’t there. I could have sworn I’d put it in there, but maybe not — and I have two other computers in my office, so that’s not a big problem either. Off to the presentation on “Emerging Technology Opportunities”, which was quite interesting — unfortunately, I couldn’t resist the donuts which were available before the presentation, but at least the one I ate was chocolate, so the calories weren’t in vain.

I should’ve let the donut serve as lunch, too — I had pasta (feeling slightly virtuous in doing so), but there was a small problem with the marinara sauce — whoever made it decided that salt was the most important ingredient. I spent much of the afternoon going to the cafeteria for yet another mug full of ice water in hopes of conquering the thirst!

It didn’t seem like a good day to work late, so I left on time, but was slowed in my progress halfway down the hill by a line of stopped cars. This is very unusual, since the road down the hill only serves Almaden traffic — no intersections to mess up the flow. But then I looked ahead of the first car, and realized why we were stopped: there was a long line of wild turkeys crossing the road, at least a dozen of them, with another dozen or so staying put where they were. Somehow, it seemed appropriate.

And how was your day?