Home is where the laundry gets done

My trip home Friday was uneventful, and I made it home before Jeffrey went to bed. I hope to be as lucky this week.

And when I arrived home, I found the house had been painted blue while I was gone (fortunately, this wasn’t a surprise!). The painters still have a little touching up to do, especially on the porch steps, but other than that, I think the house looks great (and if it weren’t dark outside, I’d take and post a picture).

This evening, I’ve been watching the live video from the Shuttle as they put the wings on the International Space Station; it seems very futuristic to be able to sit in my home office and watch live video from space on my computer screen. Oh, yeah…we’re almost in the 21st century, aren’t we? I guess the future is now! Unfortunately, it was cloudy when I went outside to try to watch the station with my own eyes, but there will be more passes in the days to come.