Stealth Customer Service

I just checked my AAdvantage AAccount AAnd (oops, I’d better stop doubling my A’s!) discovered:

  • they hadn’t taken any upgrade stickers out of my account for my flight on Tuesday
  • they had given me first-class mileage credit for that flight
  • that my paper boarding pass was for class F, rather than the X that is usual for a sticker upgrade.

So I guess that one of the people I talked with on Tuesday decided that he or she could, indeed, give me a free upgrade and did so, but didn’t tell me, and so I can’t thank him or her. But the kindness is greatly appreciated (though I’d’ve rather had the extra couple of hours of sleep anyway).

Happy Birthday, EditThisPage.Com

As has been noted in many places, today is the first birthday of EditThisPage.Com. Thanks, Dave and UserLand, for providing me a place to practice my typing skills in public, as well as giving me a chance to read weblogs written by some terrific people.