I got mine, Jack!

Well, actually, I should have said, “I got mine,
Al”, since I was referring to my flu shot. There were vaccination campaigns at my office and at Diane’s, but I managed to be out of town for both of them, so today, I visited the nearby Albertson’s and got my shot — and, at no extra charge, they gave me a sample pack of Advil.

I also heard from the TV repair guy — the culprit was a capacitor in the power supply which had lost all of its smoke, and it’ll cost $75 to fix. That’s a lot cheaper than a new 27-inch TV, much less what I’d really want to buy, so I told him to go ahead, and I hope to get the TV back on Monday (and maybe by then, the muscle ache from the flu shot will have gone away and I’ll be able to lift the TV).

I’m studying and taking sample tests so I can take the exam for a license upgrade on Monday, traffic permitting. I feel pretty confident about the General Class exam (the electronics is pretty straightforward stuff that I’ve mostly known for years; the hard part is memorizing the answers to the FCC rules questions, since they follow no useful pattern); passing Extra Class will be harder, since, as you’d expect, the electronics knowledge required is significantly greater (and the FCC rules are just as arbitrary), and I don’t have the Extra Class study guide! I wonder what a Smith Chart is….