Three up, one to go

We had more success with getting our TV repaired by Sound Techniques of Los Gatos; the culprit was a $1.50 capacitor in the power supply, and the total bill wasn’t unreasonable. So now we have two working TVs in the house, which seems almost excessive after so many years of only having one. Jeffrey has volunteered to take the second set, but it’s not going to happen — and there’s no cable outlet in his room anyway, so it wouldn’t do him any good!

If anyone has any experience with the Go-Video DVR5000 (sorry, Flash 5 is required), please drop me a line or mention it in the discussion group. The combination of a VCR and a DVD player in one box seems like a good idea for the second set, but I’m always eager to learn from other peoples’ experience.

Shabbat Shalom!