Back to normality

Ah, it feels better to be able to edit directly again! When I use a plain text editor to update my page, I feel in control and know what’s going to happen (even though I do have to type tags by hand in some cases). When using Radio Userland, I felt very frustrated because what I wanted to do wasn’t what what the system made easy — and once I had started yesterday’s page with Radio Userland, there was no way out. Even after convincing Radio Userland to hand me my page as HTML, I couldn’t get Manila to accept it — it demanded OPML.

I got a very nice Hanukkah gift last night (yes, I know Hanukkah hasn’t started yet, but the giver specifically asked me to open it) — a Lego Droid Construction Set. It should be fun to play with, and I know Jeffrey is looking forward to helping me — his eyes really lit up when he saw it!

The weather is boring here, thanks

John is talking about the blizzard conditions in Iowa and says “We’re always talking about the weather. You might think this is boring if you live in San Jose. But in this case, the weather could kill you.”

By coincidence, today’s Merky Nooz had Jan Null’s weekly column on meteorology, in which he explains his Camelot Climate Index, on which San Jose scores very high (but slightly below San Diego). Iowa doesn’t even come close.

Need a CPLD?

When we went to see 102 Dalmations on Sunday, we got there early enough to see the slide-show ads before the movie. There were the usual Coke ads that appear everywhere, but some of the ads were, I suspect, uniquely Silly Valley in nature. Lots of companies were hiring, of course, but the ad which really got my attention was from Xilinx, touting their CPLDs. If I had had any clue what a CPLD was, I might’ve even been interested. I guessed that the “PLD” part was
“Programmable Logic Device”, but I still don’t know what the
“C” is. CMOS? Complex? Chocolate?