Movies, Movies, Movies….

Then after we got home, Jeffrey dug out an MST3K classic, Space Mutiny. Miss it if you can.

And finally, we watched the end of The Towering Inferno after dinner. I want to find the Second City parody and watch it — I think the acting was better!

FRS Technology, eh?

The wrist radios I got Jeffrey for Hanukkah claim to use “FRS Technology”. Our friends had bought their daughters two FRS handy-talkies for Christmas, so when we got together last night, we tried to make the wrist radio talk to the handy-talkies — no dice. I tried all 14 FRS channels, and the two units couldn’t hear one another (that’s not strictly true — the wrist radio detected but couldn’t make any sense of the FRS radio; the FRS radio couldn’t tell that the wrist radio was in the room). I’m going to have to find some way of telling what frequency the wrist radio actually uses. I did find some Web ads for the radio, claiming a 100-foot range — as I said yesterday, about as far as we could yell!