Temporarily childless

Jeffrey, along with the rest of the fifth grade at his school, is spending the rest of this week at Science Camp (also known as “Outdoor School”). The scene this morning at school was somewhat disorganized, as kids showed up with sleeping bags, suitcases, duffles, and whatever else they could carry; at 8:30, the teachers told the kids to come into the classroom and leave their stuff on the blacktop. Oh, and by the way, say “bye” to the parents.

So we’re on our own for the next few days; I suppose we’ll be able to cope.

In England, they do it for £10,000

We watched The Weakest Link last night; I don’t know if I want to watch it again (though it does have a certain perverse fascination — as they say, “like watching a train wreck”), but I am certain that I don’t want to be a contestant — not even for a possible $1,000,000. What amazes me is that BBC is able to attract contestants for the original show with a top prize of just £10,000 (about $14,300).

Catching up on community

Congratulations, Hal and Audrey. Having a child will change your life (but you’ve probably heard that before).

And congratulations to Maria on passing the bar. Becoming a lawyer will probably change your life, too.