A blast from the past

One of the side effects of the new federal privacy notification law is that I’m hearing from companies I thought I no longer had any affiliation with. Today’s mail brought a privacy notice from AT&T Universal Card — which I hadn’t used since 1995 when I realized how many AAdvantage miles I could accumulate by switching to American Airlines’ Citibank card. So I called them and confirmed that yes, my account was closed — and also found out that they are now part of the Citibank empire.

Tonight, Jeffrey’s school is having its annual Fantasy Faire; this’ll be the last time he’ll attend as a student, though they welcome the community. We started taking him when he was two or three years old, when the pony ride was the big highlight for him. They don’t have the pony ride any more, but I don’t think he misses it.

Hal wishes there were an adult Space Camp. There is! (But you have to go to Alabama to partake.)

Shabbat Shalom!