Energy crisis report

I’ve had CNN on the TV in my hotel room in Toronto most of the time I’ve been here, and it’s been talking about the energy crisis almost all the time; it’s depressing.

There doesn’t appear to be any energy crisis here, but gasoline is as expensive as at home — if I did my arithmetic correctly, $2.01/gallon (80 cents Canadian/liter). I remember when gas in Canada was cheap! Of course, I also remember when Dixie Vim gas station in Richmond had a sign saying “gas is cheap; it’s the taxes that are expensive” and had a breakdown to prove it; well more than half of price (19.9 cents/gallon) went to pay taxes.

I did get one potentially useful pointer from watching CNN:, which lets you search for and tell others about local gas prices.

My meeting today featured full and frank discussions; I think we may actually have gotten somewhere in solving our problems, too. At any rate, there seems to be better comprehension of the issues, and that’s a step forward — it’s so much easier to make progress on disagreements in person compared to teleconferences or e-mails!

Then I went to dinner at Wildfire Grille with some of my friends from Almaden; the meal was delicious (I had salmon, which was excellent), but a bit more pricey than I’d expected. Worth it, though.

Tomorrow, I get an early start so I can get an early flight home. And then I have no travel scheduled for the forseeable future. Right.

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