Going like 78

It’s been a busy day at work — I spent the morning in the Extreme Blue lab learning about this year’s projects and meeting some of the students; I’ve also been trying to attend the Make IT Easy conference and failing pretty badly. It’s actually much easier to go to a conference somewhere else — when it’s local (and especially when it’s in-building), the distractions of my regular job and real life get in the way of the conference.

Radio Days

Doc Searls remarks on the impending demise of the BBC World Service’s North America feed. I talked about a couple of weeks ago, but I have to admit that I haven’t dug out my shortwave receiver to listen since then (and it’s been at least a year since I last listened to the BBC on shortwave), so I guess I won’t really miss them.

I do still do a bit of AM Broadcast Band DXing from time to time, mostly when I’m in a car at night by myself — then I’ll run the band and see what I can hear. Sometimes, it’s interesting; sometimes, it’s boring — but it beats listening to the same newscast on KCBS for the 20th time. I even keep a button on the car radio for KNX out of Los Angeles — it comes in loud and clear at night, and if nothing else, it’s got worse traffic news than we get up here!

Revisiting my 15 minutes of fame

In case you’re curious, my slides are now up on the page about my talk at the World Internet Center site.