Fair and cooler

Today was a quiet day; no Lab Expo, no trip to the car dealer. Boring.

Well, it was boring for me. Jeffrey had a bit of excitement at the YMCA childcare — their portable classroom caught fire. No one knows quite what happened, but I suspect that a spark blew over to the trailer from the barbecue and eventually caught.

So they evacuated the children, found a fire extinguisher, and fought the fire until the fire department arrived a few minutes later and ensured that it was well and truly out.

No one was hurt; the fire was entirely on the outside of the portable, and they were back inside in about 45 minutes. But it did give them something to talk about!

The weather is finally cooling off a bit — someone up in San Francisco deciced to pay the natural air conditioning bill, I guess. There’s a nice cool breeze coming through the windows for the first time in a week — very nice!

Tomorrow, we go to a party and set up a Field Day station. For tonight, Shabbat Shalom!