Carfree is not carefree

So now I have my car back, which greatly simplified the afternoon’s agenda.

Oh, and the towtruck guy was right — it was the battery. And I did get my oil changed as long as the car was at the dealer, so now I’ve gotten back next Monday morning for more productive pursuits.

15 years

Today was the 15th Anniversary celebration of the IBM Almaden Research Center; there was a morning program for invited guests (people like the mayor of San Jose), and then in the afternoon, there was a Lab Expo highlighting about 80 projects from groups all over the lab. I was amazed how many things are going on of which I knew nothing before today — I didn’t have enough time to see everything, but I enjoyed the exhibits I did visit. And now I know what they do in the lab down the hall from my office — Quantum Cryptography.

4 years

Happy Anniversary, Hal and Audrey!