Weekend catchup edition

Once more, I spent a weekend with the computer turned off. This could become a habit!

We spent Friday night and Saturday morning at Shir Hadash for the Rabbi’s son’s Bar Mitzvah; he, of course, knew his stuff cold and gave an interesting talk, too. His Bar Mitzvah booklet had a dove on the front cover made up of the word “Peace” in many different languages, including Klingon. I wouldn’t have expected Klingon to have the concept!

Sunday afternoon, Diane and I went to the Boulevard estaurant in San Francisco for dinner with some staff and alumni from Hofstra University, where Diane did her undergraduate work. Hofstra even picked up the tab (I very much doubt that Rensselaer would under similar circumstances), which was a pleasant surprise. The restaurant is quite pleasant, too, and I was even able to find parking.

Today, it was back to work — I wrote a Python program to mine some of the results from World Jam.

And in between times, we kept track of medical news from back East; Diane’s father’s still in the hospital (but might go home tomorrow), and one of my relatives was diagnosed with aortic stenosis, which will mean an operation in the not-too-distant future. *sigh*

Tomorrow, I bring Jeffrey to work, which just might affect my productivity a bit.