Taking my child to work

As planned, I brought Jeffrey to work today; he got to hear me on not one, but two long phone calls (though he didn’t get the full experience, since neither one was a conference call). And he also got a tour of the holographic storage project (which we both found interesting) and a quick visit to Extreme Blue; unfortunately, the project that could have used him as a tester wasn’t available today.

And he discovered the joys of the Almaden cafeteria — we went early enough that there were no lines, so it wasn’t a bad experience. He had his favorite meal (salmon and rice, with cucumbers and strawberries as garnish), but said that Mom makes it better. I had a “fire salad” which was interesting but odd. And then I joined Jeffrey in dessert, which I then sweated off with a walk around the building in the nearly 100-degree heat. :-)

We have a quiet Fourth of July planned; hope you enjoy yours!