Thank you, mystery admirer!

I came home this afternoon after trying, and failing, to buy a flag. The flag shop was a madhouse — they’d sold out of their last flags for the day just before I got there. Somehow, I never had a strong need to fly the flag before — but, like so many other things, that changed on September 11th.

At any rate, when I got home, there was a package waiting for me; it was from Godiva Chocolates, and had been sent FedEx Overnight with Dry Ice. I opened it eagerly, and there was a 25 ounce 75th anniversary tin of Godiva chocolate inside (the dry ice had done its job and vanished). There was also a message: “Happy Birthday David! I couldn’t find an interesting gift but I think you will enjoy these interesting chocolates.” But there wasn’t a signature, nor was there a sender’s name anywhere in the package.

My birthday isn’t until Tuesday, but I don’t think I’ll wait that long to start in on the chocolate. I just wish I knew who sent it!

Shabbat Shalom!