Weekend Update

I tried to do as little as possible this weekend. And what I have done has mostly been Quicken-related.

I got the pieces together for my annual Quicken rebate, but I haven’t yet gotten around to finding an envelope in which to mail it.

I was all ready to be pissed at Roxio for not offering an XP upgrade to EasyCD Creator Basic, which came along with my Plextor CD writer, but so far, the base support in XP seems sufficient. I would like DirectCD, though, so that I can have Quicken back itself up to CD instead of having to go drag the Quicken data directory to the CD by hand, but I don’t feel like paying good money for that little convenience — and if I do decide to pay someone, it’ll probably be Ahead for Nero instead. Plextor claims that there will be an upgrade from Roxio, but I’m not holding my breath.

Jeffrey’s been hosting the boy who’ll be sharing his Bar Mitzvah — they’ve been having a good time, watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000, playing with Legos, and watching Battlebots. I think they’re actually twins.

I had hoped to go see Monsters, Inc. this weekend, but that doesn’t seem to have happened. It’ll be around next weekend, too, I bet.