Gearing down

It’s been a busy week. Nothing much blog-worthy, though.

But I do have a question, and maybe you can help. I have some audio cassettes which I want to convert to CD; that’s pretty easy to do, but I wind up with one track per side, which is not so good. So I’m looking for a (Windows) program which can break a .WAV file up into pieces based on detecting silent intervals. Ideally, the program would make its best guesses, then let me override it easily. Free would be a good price, but that’s not a strict requirement. Thanks.

Today’s Science Colloquium at work was very interesting and enjoyable — Paul Doherty, Senior Staff Scientist at the Exploratorium talked about “Exploratorium Exhibits from Birth to Death”, complete with slides and live demos. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the Exploratorium — it’s time for another visit! December 14th would be a good day, I think.

Tomorrow, we’re off to see Battlebots live. Rumor has it that we’ll be asked to sign an NDA for the results, so don’t even ask.

Shabbat Shalom!