I tried….

I tried to flip my page yesterday evening after Jeffrey’s birthday party, but ETP wasn’t cooperating and I gave up.

The party went well, I think — especially since I hardly had to do anything! Nor did Diane, I hasten to add. Instead, the nice folks at SCORE hosted the party, decorating the center and running a murder mystery for the guests. The kids enjoyed it, and some of them really got into their characters, too.

Next year, it’s the Bar Mitzvah. Oy!

Eat my voltage: Diane’s new car is fun to drive — it’s not as peppy as my Saab, but it is a very weird experience to sit in nearly complete silence at a stop sign, since the engine turns itself off when it’s not necessary.

We drove her car downtown today to see The Mandrake Root at San Jose Rep. The play was very good and the cast was excellent. The audience gave a standing ovation, but it didn’t start until Lynn Redgrave came out for her curtain call, and I thought that was unfair to the actress who played Sally; I thought she actually carried the play (though Ms. Redgrave was awfully good!).