It's alive!

Lately, it seems that every time I try to flip my page, ETP is down. I guess it really is time to install Radio Userland and start blogging that way.

Let’s see, what’s happened since 2/2? I’ve been to the East Coast again, this time for my ex-boss’s e-tirement party and my team’s annual kickoff meeting; we’ve filled the tank in the Prius once (it gets great mileage, but a 11-gallon tank will take you only so long); Jeffrey got the Student of the Month award(along with two dozen other kids); and undoubtedly many other things worth noting.

But I’m going to post this update now while the posting’s good.

See you later.

Early Retirement – not today

I meant to invest $5 in the California Early Retirement Program today, but I forgot. Oh, well — I enjoy what I’m doing at work anyway.