Google is too limited

I wasn’t going to buy a phone from Staples no matter how good a deal it was, so instead, I visited the local Office Depot and found the VTech 2931, which met my needs, on the display. But they didn’t have one in stock — so they called around to the other nearby stores and found me one. If I’d been willing to wait a day, I could have had it delivered, but I wanted it for tomorrow, so I drove up to Santa Clara, brought it home, and hooked it up; assuming the battery charges overnight, I’ll be all set.

The phone comes with everything but a headset, but that shouldn’t have been a problem — it uses a standard 2.5mm mono jack, as did my old Sprint PCS phone. But I’d made the mistake of putting the old headset away when I stopped using the Sprint phone.

So I started searching. That was two hours ago. I still haven’t found the old headset. Life would be so much easier if I could use Google to search my house!