Hi, Honey, I'm home!

I woke up only five minutes before the alarm clock this morning, and surprised myself by going out for a jog. A slow jog — I didn’t leave the hotel until nearly 7 and it was quite a bit stickier than yesterday. The beach was a lot more crowded, too, with kids on surfboards, but there was plenty of room on the sidewalks for me.

Then I had breakfast at Moose McGillicudy’s (I kinda like macadamia nut pancakes), did a bit of shopping, packed, and took a taxi to the airport.

Honolulu Airport isn’t the most exciting place to spend a couple of hours, but at least I was able to spend them inside the security perimeter instead of waiting to go through lines — when I got there, the screeing lines were short, but when I looked later, they had gotten substantially worse. I did more shopping, got on the plane, and got off in San Francisco. Surprisingly, the pilots kept going in and out of the cockpit, and the cockpit door was sometimes open for nearly a minute while that was happening — I guess they decided there wasn’t any chance of a Honolulu-San Francisco plane being diverted.

My luggage was one of the first ones on the conveyor (but it still felt like I was waiting forever!), then I grabbed my rental car (Hertz put me in the “President’s Circle”, which meant a shorter walk than usual) and drove home, where I am typing these very words.

Hawaii was nice, but being home with Diane and Jeffrey is really Paradise.