Did the earth move for you?

It just did for us — a 5.2 near Gilroy (about 25 miles from here). Jeffrey and I felt it fairly clearly; Diane (who was standing at the time) didn’t feel it at all. We all heard noises, though.

No damage or injury reported, which is good; according to the USGS, there was a 2.5 in almost the same place a few seconds later.

I reported it to the USGS “Did you feel it?” page immediately — before they had the event plotted, in fact. So my report won’t show up on the map until they manually transfer the information.

Now, it’s back to buying tickets for a movie. Unfortunately, all of the digitally-projected showings on Sunday are sold out, so we’ll have to settle for watching the film on film. And paying full price, because the early shows are too early to be sure of getting there on time — this time around, I decided we’d see the film on the Big Screen at Century 22 instead of the small one at the Century Capital 16.