Shutting down and cleaning out

No, it’s not because of a layoff. It’s because of a poweroff.

Twice a year, on a three-day weekend, IBM powers down the whole Almaden site for major maintenance, and this year, Memorial Day weekend is one of those weekends. So I have to shut down my computer so it doesn’t have problems when power bounces; I also had to shut down and clean out my refrigerator so my office won’t stink on Tuesday morning.

In previous years, I also lost Internet connectivity on these weekends, because IBM was my ISP. But now I have my own Internet service at home, so I don’t necessarily have to disconnect for the weekend. But we’ve got lots of other plans which don’t involve sitting in front of a keyboard, so I hope to be mostly disconnected anyway.

One of the firmer plans is a return trip to Battlebots, which is filming their Season 5.0 this weekend at Treasure Island. We’ve bought the tickets, so we’re committed.

And other than that, we’ll see.

Shabbat Shalom!