Cranking back up

The song for the morning: “91 pieces of spam in my mail, 91 pieces of spam…you take one down, pass it around, there’s 91 pieces of spam in my mail.”

The Battlebots tournament was great fun; we sat in an area loaded with contestants, who knew more about what was going on than I did (and even had a list of the upcoming bouts). There was plenty of robot carnage, and the food was still good, too. I had to sign an NDA, so I can’t reveal any results, but I will warn you to watch out for Evil Cheese Wedge when season 5.0 finally airs on Comedy Central.

On the way home, even though it was quite late, we stopped at Krispy Kreme in Union City for a pick-me-up (giving tired kids a sugar infusion at 11pm is a good idea, right?). It took forever to find the Krispy Kreme (it’s way back in the back of the Union Landing complex), and then there was a long line, giving us plenty of time to see the hot doughnuts being made. As we approached the registers, a nice lady handed each of the kids a free hot doughnut…then she gave one to each of the adults, too. We had originally only planned to get one doughnut each, but walking out after getting the free ones seemed like it might be slightly tacky, so we wound up buying a dozen doughnuts instead and eating more in the car. Good marketing!

Time to get back to work; unfortunately, not all of my e-mail over the weekend was spam, and I need to do something with the rest of it. Where’s the delete key?