Why am I so popular?

There are times I wish I had access to the full server log, but then I’d have to run my own server, and that’s a pain to even contemplate.

Radio Days

I’ve been having fun playing with Radio lately; currently, I’m set up so that anything I post with Radio goes onto a secret subdirectory of my intranet site. Right now, that directory has a copy of my external Radio site, but that’ll change soon; I haven’t updated my intranet site for three years, and I think Radio may get me back into the habit.

But probably not this week — it’s a travel week, and I don’t plan to spend much time on the intranet. Or, if I’m smart, on the computer at all.

This afternoon, we’re going on a Jewish nature hike with the Rabbi, up to Sanborne County Park. Should be fun…and maybe picturesque. Afterwards, we assemble at Max’s Opera Cafe for a late dinner (or, more likely, just dessert). Good thing I went out for a run this morning!