Who needs Martha when you have Larry and Sergey?

We were planning to have some friends over for a July 4th barbecue, and needed to decide what to make. We thought chicken breast would be a good choice for the main dish, but I wanted to make something more interesting than plain chicken. We have a kitchen full of cookbooks, so I did the obvious thing: I sat down at the computer and typed “chicken breast barbecue recipe marinade” into the Google toolbar on my browser.

3 seconds later, we had a bunch of recipes to choose from, and we picked this one because Diane likes cilantro. And it was a good choice — everyone seemed to enjoy it (and most people had seconds).

But that was last week. Now I’m in Toronto, after evading the wrath of Canadian Immigration — I must have answered a question wrong, because I had to go talk to a second agent before being allowed into the country. I suspect “consult” was the magic word; I won’t make that mistake again. But the extra interview only took an extra 90 seconds, so it wasn’t all that bad.

Toronto looked lovely in the taxi on the way downtown; as we drove by the lake, there were people enjoying the beautiful weather and sunset. Me? I’m in my hotel room, looking at a screen and keyboard, waiting for a phonecall telling me my IBM colleagues are here so we can meet in person.