Nice weather for a garbage strike

Even Toronto has its problems. While the weather there was just lovely, there was a small difficulty I didn’t know about yesterday — a 2-week-old garbage strike. The lead story in today’s Toronto papers was that the provincial legislature had been called back into session to pass emergency legislation to end the strike.

While I was wandering around downtown Toronto today, I noticed that all of the trash receptacles were overflowing. At least it wasn’t too hot (though apparently last week was bad).

I’m home now, where it is definitely Too Hot. As we were landing at 7pm, they announced the temperature as 94; it’s now down to 77, and so we’ve got the windows open and the fan at full blast. And we’re waiting for PG&E to come and figure out why our lights dim for a second every time our neighbor’s air conditioner starts up, which is not supposed to happen.

I saw, yet again, how inconsistent security is on airplanes these days. On my flight from San Jose to Chicago yesterday, any time the cockpit crew needed to use the lavatory, the flight crew used a cart to block access to the front galley. Coming home today was a different story — near the end of the flight, the first officer spent at least five minutes in the front galley, with nothing between him and the passengers; in fact, they didn’t even ask us to stay seated while he was out there.