Now I have three

I was right, they shouldn’t have

So it’s already Tuesday, and I’m not nearly finished with Sunday’s New York Times. I did finish the puzzle, though I had to go to Google for some of the clues. And I haven’t even started the Iron Chef book yet.

Decorator’s orders

Our decorator came by on Saturday to show us fabrics and furniture possibilities; she noticed that we hadn’t done anything about clearing the books from the small bookshelves in the living room (the goal is to wind up with only large bookshelves in the living room, with nice books visible through the glass; the paperbacks and SFBC books will be elsewhere), and explained that we needed to get moving on the project. So I spent the rest of Saturday removing the junk which had settled on the bookshelves in the computer room, thereby making room for the books in the living room. And Diane spent all of Saturday clearing shelves in other rooms (and has continued working on the project since); we will have a lot of recycling this week.

The larger goal of this phase of the project is clearing out the living room and dining room so that we can have those floors refinished; time to call a furniture donation group and have them take our old sofas (and whatever else we decide we don’t need). After the floors are fixed, it’ll be time for window treatments (and new furniture). Then, it’s on to the bedrooms.