Technology is not always our friend

So far today…

  • I’ve been told “accounting can’t find that check”
  • I’ve been told “your license plate application never got to us”
  • My DSL download speed dropped to 9kb from its usual 1.5Mb (but the upload speed didn’t change)
  • I got a new wireless phone, and the activation process isn’t working

I think I’ll do something non-technical the rest of the day.


I had a pleasant workout (talk about oxymorons) at the Y, a nice dinner, and now I’m waiting on hold for Verizon DSL support. Their system was courteous enough to warn me that I should expect a 40 minute hold, and their music-on-hold is not too bad — and it’s mercifully uninterrupted by “your call is important” announcements or other commercials. So I can do other things while I wait and not be distracted every 45 seconds by what might be (but isn’t) someone to help me.

And my wireless phone activated itself eventually, so I guess I’m making progress.