Progress, but in what direction?

I admire people who can keep up a steady blogging habit, come hell, high water, or work. I’m clearly not one of those people. Not unless you define steady as “a few times a month”.

This week has been busy, both at home and at work. The home stuff is marginally more interesting — our decorator visited us again and we’ve ordered (as in “made a deposit on”) window treatments in five rooms, a new sleeper sofa, new chairs, and probably some other things I’ve managed to forget. We also had a floor refinisher give us a bid on refinishing the living room and dining room, and someone will be by soon to bid on door work.

Our living room is looking bare; all of the books are elsewhere (some at the library, some in the office, and a few old textbooks in the landfill, since hardbacks aren’t recyclable). And most of the furniture is gone; New Start Furniture took a sofa, bookcase, typing table, and lamp, but they wouldn’t take the old sleeper sofa because it needed too much repair, so we dragged it out to the curb last night, and it should be gone by the time we get home. I was hoping someone would scavenge it overnight, but no such luck; we’ll have to pay for disposal.

We have to completely empty the living room and dining room before the refinisher starts, so I guess we’ll have a one- or no-car garage for a while.

But next week, I’ll be away from the scene, at the IBM Academy of Technology meeting in Montreal. I will not have a chance to go ice-skating this time, though.

Shabbat Shalom!