The thirsty man stays OUTSIDE the bar

I’m sitting outside the bar at the Hilton in Tarrytown, New York, drinking my fill of free WiFi. It’s definitely more useful and enticing than anything they are serving inside the bar, at least as far as I’m concerned tonight.

I’m here to attend the inaugural meeting of IBM’s “CIO Tech Board” tomorrow. I had originally planned to phone into the meeting, but two things changed my mind — the meeting was extended to five hours, which is too long to stay on the phone, and they told me it was going to be held in the Board Room at Corporate Headquarters. I don’t know if the meeting will be important enough to warrant such an exalted venue, but my curiosity was certainly piqued! And our final speaker will be David Weinberger, which should be interesting.

We all had easy fasts, even Jeffrey, who had been worried about it. And I think I’ve had my fill of lox for a few days, since I had it for both break-the-fasts last night and on the plane today.