Bootcamp Day 13 — Bluesville

Bluesville is one of the channels I thought I’d enjoy, but that I hadn’t gotten around to actually spending time with — a perfect candidate for Bootcamp.

I took advantage of timezone slippage again, and started listening soon after midnight Eastern (which was late last night, Arizona time). I’d had a good evening visiting with family, but nonetheless, I was sitting in a hotel room, 700 miles away from home, so it was a good environment for the blues. And I liked the music, even though it suffered from the laptop speaker blues.

I kept on listening this morning, but I didn’t find the music as compelling or suited to my mood (I like upbeat music in the morning, and “upbeat blues” is not a phrase which comes trippingly to the tongue). When I get back to the hotel, I’ll give it another shot, but it’s pretty clear to me that this is a channel that I’ll want to listen to more at some times than others. I might give this channel a preset at home or work, but probably not in the car.

And now I’m back in the hotel after dinner, listening to Bluesville again — the more I listen, the more I enjoy it. I don’t know if that’s because blues fit my evening mood better than my morning mood, if the selection’s different, or just because — but I’ll definitely come back for more.